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Mentaltraining im Wettkampfsport

Mental Training
​Competitive Sport

​​We help amateur and professional athletes to mental strength, so they have 100% of their performance in the competition at any time.
This special mental training is a newly developed technique and has NOTHING to do with

conventional mental training.

Mental Training in Competitive Sport

In a competition, mental strength often determines victory or defeat.
Whoever can call on his full performance has a decisive advantage!
If you are nervous in the competition, you can lose up to 40% of your performance.
If you have difficulty concentrating for a long time, you are susceptible to errors.
If your self-confidence is not high enough, you will not be able to reach your limits.

Who is this program for?
For all athletes contest the competitions, whether amateur or professional sport.
But also for coaches who want to mentally support their protégés.
This program is applicable for all sports!

Where does Mental-Yoga help you?

  • ​​​defeat nervousness
  • ​​​build self-confidence
  • ​​​keep focus
  • ​​​perseverance, willpower
  • ​​special stretching exercises
  • active regeneration
Mentaltraining im Sport

​​What is mental training and how does it work?

What is meant by mental training?
In order to be the best in a sporting competition, you have to be top in many areas. A very good condition is the basis in all sports, in the coordination training you create an inner balance through the connection between arms and legs and the balance of the two brain halves. Special technique training (not material) will help you get more out of your body and push boundaries in your sport.

Yoga Sport
Yoga im Sport

Mental training is about creating a strong connection between your body and mind. The union of body and mind is also called yoga. In yoga, you are trying to achieve this very thing through mindfulness, active breathing, focus points, energy work, flexibility, and body tension through special yoga exercises and meditations. With meditation, you have the opportunity to penetrate into a deeper level of your consciousness and thus to change your subconscious mind.
Only those who achieve a good connection between body and mind have a strong mental power at their disposal.
Many athletes have already added yoga to their daily exercise program, but no one uses it as a mental training, but only as a training for coordination, balance and body control. The reason for this is that the "normal yoga" can no longer. Only in Kundalini Yoga you have the opportunity to train in the mental area.

Kundalini Yoga is the only yoga form that exercises each yoga exercise meditatively (with focus and active breathing) and also uses meditation. Through these special yoga exercises you will learn how to focus properly and keep the focus for a long time. You strengthen your nervous system so that nothing bothers you anymore and your self-confidence is increased enormously through exercises and meditations. I call this special mental training program, Mental-Yoga.

Fokus im Sport

Get your personal mental training program now!

Mental-Yoga 365

  • ​​detailed training plan for 1 year
  • more than 30 hours of video footage
  • ​​special yoga sets
  • ​​targeted meditations
  • specific mantras

Get it now
Mental Yoga 365

Your mental training for 1 year for only.

per month € 49,-

You pay € 49, - for 1 year (or € 490.- for a one-time payment) monthly and get your personal training plan for your mental training. Your exercise plan includes your daily tasks, yoga exercises and meditations. All exercises you get as a video tutorial and also in writing as a pdf file. You can thus determine the time and place for your mental training yourself. If you have any questions, you have the option of an e-mail support.
You have a 14-day money back guarantee!
The billing is done via Digistore24.

This special price is only valid for a short time!

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Defeat nervousness!

​​The traditional mental training programs try to reduce the nervousness by distraction, such as rituals, positive thinking, downplaying the importance and pressure, and so on. Unfortunately, this does not really work, you can only restrict it a bit. The reason is that our head can not control our body. Our neural pathways are like thin power lines, as they used to be in houses. If suddenly high current comes through the lines, they are overloaded and it comes to disturbances. The same thing happens with your nerves, when suddenly the pressure from the outside, by a competition, is extremely increased, these tracks are overloaded and it comes to blockages. So you have to make your nerves so strong that they are prepared for any load. Thus, you can bring your nervousness to zero. This takes about 6 months.

Build self-confidence!

​​Self-confidence is made up of self-esteem and self-esteem. You can increase your self-confidence relatively easily, there are various techniques, such as autogenic training or beliefs. Your self-esteem is very difficult to exalt because it is anchored in our subconscious and we have no direct access to it.

Selbstvertrauen aufbauen

But through special meditations you can change it and if you have a high self-esteem, automatically increases your self-confidence. Thus, you have it in your own hands, how high you want to build your self-confidence.

Fokus im Sport

Keep focus!

With mental yoga, you learn how to focus properly, and you use this technique with every yoga exercise and meditation, so you can hold your focus very long after a short while. For athletes, it is very important that they can focus / focus, because then you are much more attentive, can react faster and have more energy available.


Through yoga, we know that our willpower and stamina are controlled by our 3rd chakra. When you activate your third chakra, you increase your willpower, perseverance, assertiveness, inner power, as well as your sensitivity and feelings. Victory or defeat very often depends on the last will.

mentale Stärke Sport

​Stretching exercises

​​Stretching exercises are very important for any athlete because they protect you from injury. When your tendons and muscles are constantly under tension, it is often enough to have a slight thump or jerk and they break. Tendons belong to the fascia and need a certain flexibility and smoothness. In the mental yoga program you get 2 great Strechsequenzen of 20 minutes, which can then incorporate in your daily training.

Active Regeneration

During a competition you consume a lot of energy, no matter what sport. Here you can get meditations that enable you to activate your energies every day and recover faster.

aktive Regeneration
Robert Glaser

About the author

Robert Glaser is a Kundalini Yoga and Shakti Dance teacher and has been directing his yoga center for over six years in Linz / Austria. He gives daily Kundalini Yoga courses and monthly workshops on specific topics. He also specializes in mental training for athletes and has developed his own program called Mental Yoga. This program is based on his many years of experience in professional sports (14 years skydiving) and in yoga (over 12 years).

"Mental-Yoga is the most effective form of mental training for me, it's nothing like it's unique, I've tried everything I offer in this program and I know it works 100%."

​Mental-Yoga 365

With Mental-Yoga 365 you get for 1 year your personal mental training program. E-mails let you get the job done anytime and easily translate them with video tutorials anytime and anywhere. All yoga exercises and meditations you can thus join the TV or mobile phone.
After one year, you will not be nervous anymore, your self-confidence is extremely high, you can focus at any time and for a very long time, you always have a lot of energy and you are rarely, if ever, sick. If you implement this program as I tell you, I guarantee your success!
You pay for 1 year a monthly amount and thus the financial burden is very low. You can also pay it at once and save yourself even more money here. But this special price is only valid for a short time! So decide quickly, you will not regret it.
After a year, of course, you will continue and you will also have access to all videos.

Mental-Yoga 365

  • ​​detailed training plan for 1 year
  • more than 30 hours of video footage
  • ​​special yoga sets
  • ​​targeted meditations
  • specific mantras

Get it now Mental-Yoga 365

Your mental training for 1 year
for only monthly

€ 49,-

E-Book Mental-Yoga

This book is based on my many years of experience in mental training in elite sports. I tried a lot of techniques myself and shared with other athletes and coaches. In order to unite body and mind, you must always train body and mind together. How does this work I explain to you in this book.
I will teach you a technique based on specific yoga exercises and meditations, which you can then integrate into your entire training.

Mentaltraining Sport

So you do not need to change your previous training, just adapt and you increase the quality of your training.
You get this e-book for free!
You can download it now.

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