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Mentaltraining Sport

Mental training ​in sports​

Mental Yoga is a specially developed mental training program for competitive athletes. It should help you so that you can get the maximum out of you on day X.

Some professional athletes refrain from mental training because they think it will not do them any good. I can only confirm this! I used to work with a mental coach myself for a year, it was very interesting, but it did not really help me in the competition. If you have a trainer for the body and a trainer for the mind, they will not work together. But only when body and mind are always trained at the same time can a strong unity develop.

With mental yoga, I have created a special program that will help you compete with it at any time

100% of your performance

can call. This extraordinary technique helps you to keep your body and mind together. With the

5 phases to success,

Get your daily instructions for your mental training and how to incorporate this into your training schedule.

The 5 phases to success

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    ​Phase 1 - the Meditation
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    Phase 2 - the Focus
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    Phase 3 - ​Breathing
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    Phase 4 - Training
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    Phase 5 - ​Competition
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Phase 1

Meditation helps you to change your subconscious mind, so you can control nervousness, anxiety and sleep problems. You learn to control and align your thoughts. I'll show you how to meditate properly and give you precise instructions on when to do which meditation, how long.

Phase 2
Learn to hold the focus for a long time. Careless mistakes happen due to lack of concentration. I teach you how to use a simple technique to keep your focus for a very long time. This will give you more energy and power, and you'll get every goal you set for yourself.

Phase 3

Breathing is a crucial help when you go to your physical limits. With breathing you can relax or push and even increase your fitness. In this book and the videos you will learn different breathing techniques.

Phase 4

Learn how to incorporate these special techniques into your daily workouts. In order to achieve a really strong unity of body and mind, you have to combine every physical training with your mental training.

Phase 5

Preparation and follow-up for your competition. The process before a competition should always be the same. Every regularity in your life leads to routine. Routine gives you a sense of security. After a competition, it is important to regenerate quickly and regain your energy.

Mental training in competitive sports

Mental training for athletes is about taking a different path than previously known. A mental trainer works with your head and your psyche. He tries to prepare you for certain situations with rituals and various techniques.
So in order to control your nervousness, you have to memorize certain processes / rituals and you must not change them. Thus, you can restrict it a bit, but you do not get it all the way, and when your drain is disturbed by the outside, it does not work anymore. It is similar with pressure.

I know from my own experience that these techniques are of limited help, so I was looking for a solution that

works 100%, always and everywhere.

Your body and mind need to be one, the stronger this unit is, the less it can be influenced from the outside.

I have developed a special program for this, where you can celebrate success in a very short time. Through special yoga exercises and meditations, you can beat your nervousness in just 4 to 6 months, or increase your self-confidence many times in 3 months.

To describe this program in more detail and in more detail, I wrote an e-book. You can download it for free here and also get a link where you can find some videos on this topic.


​​Download the free e-book Mental Yoga!

You can also download it as an audiobook.

Through mental yoga you are not dependent on anyone! You have your well-being in your own hands and can influence your own ability to perform. Mental yoga is good for me and it really helps me to use all my skills! One should not miss this opportunity to get the most out of it!

I just think your book is MEGAAA! Only now after the 40 pages I realized how little I was able to absorb knowledge through our discussions. The basic principle was clear to me, but all the details have now become clear to me through your book.

Melanie Arrer, ÖSV Schi-Alpin  

Melanie Arrer

A book for all sports

Here are a few examples of different sports where mental yoga helps you.

Golf - in golf pros, the mental range is up to 80%. The ability to concentrate is the most important thing here, no matter if it's the tee, pitching or chipping. If you can keep your focus on the game for the whole game, you have a decisive advantage. Through the breathing techniques, you can control your pulse for the tee very well.

Tennis - if you are fully focused and without any nervousness from the start of the game, you have a definite advantage. In addition, you can keep your concentration / focus for 2 to 3 hours and your energy level will remain high.

Skiing - a ski race takes only a very short time, ie between 1 to 2.5 minutes, which means that you have to be able to activate yourself so physically and mentally before the start that you are fully present right from the first second. Many failures happen due to lack of concentration or to high risk. You have to know your limits. Mental yoga helps you and you have enough energy available throughout the winter season.

Football - if you, as a coach, can make sure your players are highly focused and not nervous from the start, you have a distinct advantage. Many games are decided in the first minutes. But also in the last seconds of injury time, so it is important to be able to hold the concentration so long.

Mentaltraining Sport

A book based on experience

This book is based on my many years of experience in mental training in elite sports. I have practiced a lot of techniques myself and shared with other athletes and coaches.

In order to unite body and mind, you must always train body and mind together. How this works I'll show you in this book.
I will teach you a technique based on specific yoga exercises and meditations, which you can then integrate into your entire training.

So you do not need to change your previous training, just the execution.

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About the author

​​Robert Glaser is a Kundalini Yoga and Shakti Dance teacher and has been directing his yoga center for six years in Linz / Austria. He gives daily Kundalini Yoga courses and monthly workshops on specific topics. He also specializes in mental training for athletes and has developed his own program called Mental Yoga.

"Mental yoga is the most effective form of mental training for me, it's nothing like it because it's unique!
Everything I offer in this program has been tried out by myself and I know it works 100%."

Robert Glaser

​​Mental-Yoga - the mental training for competitive athletes

With this video I explain how mental yoga works and where it can help you. How do you start?

Download the free ebook first, read it or listen to it. Then start with the first exercises and meditations, do it for at least 3 months. If you then have positive experiences, you can buy the whole program online or ask for a personal cooperation.

Online you have the opportunity to buy different packages, such as defeat nervousness, build self-confidence, etc. or you take the monthly mental yoga subscription and receive monthly new instructions with special exercises and meditations.

Mental-Yoga 365

​​Get your mental training program for 1 year now!

  • every month a meditation or mantra
  • every month a yoga exercise series or a special yoga exercise
  • detailed instructions on how to perform the exercises by video
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    ​regenerate faste
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Defeat nervousness!

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This package will help you to overcome your nervousness in just 4 to 6 months. Being nervous at a competition can cost you up to 40% of your performance. Here you do not learn any rituals that are meant to distract you, but you strengthen your nervous system so that it can NOT disturb ANYTHING.

​​Build self-confidence!

Selbstvertrauen aufbauen

This yoga package will help you build your self-confidence (self-esteem and self-esteem) in just 90 days.

Through special exercises and meditations, you will learn how to change your subconscious and thus find your inner strength. With a strong self-confidence, you can easily get more out of yourself.

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